Grinding discs for wood, metal, concrete and stone from trusted top brands such as DeWalt and Flexovit. Shop our range of power tool accessories at low prices from

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    An extremely versatile product that will cut through virtually anything.

    2" & 3"diameter Discs to be used in conjunction with 3/8" bore to 6mm shaft adaptor.

    Features and Benefits
    • Able to withstand severe stresses without fracturing due to its unique construction
    • Ultra thin - perfect for quick, clean cuts

  2. 13873 361F ROLOC CLOTH DISC 50MM P180 - 100 PACK


    3M 361F
    Tough resin-bonded aluminium oxide disc, for grinding and stock removal. Perfect for applications such as weld grinding and finishing.

    Features and Benefits
    • 3M Roloc attachment enables efficient yet secure installation and removal of the disc
    • Class-leading highly-durable aluminum oxide abrasive grains cut fast and perform well on many surfaces
    • Tough YF-weight, polyester backing supports medium-pressure applications and provides consistent performance
    • Heat-resistant resin coating bonds abrasive to backing for extreme durability under pressure, heat, and water

Items 1-10 of 83

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